Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation


One Stop Centre for Centre for Universal Institutional Reforms Advocacy

Our Services

Social/Security Intervention

Bridging the communication gap between the security institutions and the society at large via effective and strategic interventions.

Education Intervention

Enhancing national integration through holistic educational programs that create clarity on national issues.

Institutional Reinvigoration

Through various facilitation of legislative bills the organization will prioritize the strengthening of national Institutions.

“The effect of welfarism on freedom will be felt later on — after its beneficiaries have become its victims, after dependence on government has turned into bondage and it is too late to unlock the jail.” 

— Barry Goldwater


Bridging institutional gaps...

Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation (SIAF) is an incorporated Trustee that focuses on bridging institutional gaps, which has plagued the development and progress of Nigeria for over five decades. It was birthed by the meeting of the minds of reputable thought leaders in the sociopolitical space, who felt the need to engage authorities via strategic advocacies rather than the old approach of partisan activism which causes more problems than it solves.

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