The Journey Thus Far

Hi Distinguished,

Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation – SIAF, as you know, is an off-shoot of Aliensmedia’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, until its mandate outgrew that and forced the need to create a separate entity/institution (incorporated trustees) to that effect.

That process is almost complete as we are done with registration and legalization. We are ready to launch and the process for that is what is being finalized with the Governance Charter Document after which the account will be opened with appointed signatories. We believe this will meticulously drive the various policies and create the foundation and culture for further our engagements holistically.

While this is ongoing we can’t stop work. We can’t stop paying legal representatives for logistics and also appreciate officers within the system, going out of their way to help make sense of the intervention. This is the justification for deploying alternative means, through which consistent contributors and partners can be identified and galvanized from trusted and willing believers of the Cause.

#EndSARS ReformPoliceNG Advocacy/Movement didn’t just happen. It costs and still costing us (as an organization) millions per month even in its third year of strategic engagement. I need not restate that this is the longest we have ever stayed on topic as a people.

Advocacy doesn’t come cheap. It is far more expensive than political campaigns, which are for a period. We even went along to facilitate legislative bills (Police Reform Bill and Police Trust Fund Bill) both of which were passed at the 8th Assembly Senate and awaiting concurrence at House of Representatives.


It takes a lot to find common ground amidst a heavily divided people. Getting political will behind any idea takes strategic planning and lots of funds to keep the campaign moving. Our personal/corporate funds (a small circle of partners’ as well) were sacrificed for this, for reasons best known to the conscious in our peculiar sociopolitical climate.

The advocacy would have lost traction and steam should the funds and control of politically exposed interests were allowed to filter in. Even people who benefitted from the advocacy, find it difficult to commit to contributing their token to the continuance of this drive.

This we can understand, thus our focus on a small circle of people, who understand the ideology of the drive and are willing to help get it to a position where we can get proper aid from relevant cum credible multinationals. For this to happen, a holistic Governance Charter and policy must have been adopted and ratified by our trustees and advisory board.

So when people share ideas about driving another narrative or demand our help on some other campaigns, it only elucidates how much gap there are in the comprehension of the mechanics of altruistic advocacy in a country like Nigeria. It also explains why many activists were plunged into becoming rag dolls of political elites after being shackled by their control upon taking their money.

We appreciate your patience, trust and understanding and have no intention of creating a compulsion. It is entirely up to you to give as deemed necessary (if at all). We are also giving with the advocacy and can only operate based on available resources cum the sacrificial and consistent contribution of others, given the economic strain out there.

The advocacy aims to make a long term impact thus building a culture (that serves as roads) as against the construct of structures that may need restructuring when things change in the sociopolitical clime. Systems built around the culture of any organization requires consensus and common grounds in the best interest of such institution and this informs our meticulous approach.

As an organization, we are not doing anyone a favor neither are we requesting a favor from anyone. We are only seeking partners in Nation building. Making society better is the job of all of us because we are Society.

Kindly accept the assurances of our highest regards and best wishes.

SIAF Admin

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